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What should I do if I find Termites at my property?

If you notice Termite Activity follow these Three Initial Steps:
1. Do NOT disturb the Termites or Mudding tubes/nest that you have located. (If you have already disturbed them then put things back the way they were and cover the area with an old damp towel/cloth).
2. DO NOT spray the Termites with Fly Sprays or use other chemicals or try to break the nest up. This can scare the Termites away from the location making it more difficult for us to assess the situation and treat the Active Termites correctly. (Note: If Termites are not treated correctly they will return & may go undiscovered by you leading to further loss and hardship)
3. CONTACT TC’s Pest & Termite Management on Mobile: 0419 819 142 to arrange an inspection by Colin, our qualified & experienced Timber (Termite) Pest Expert.

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