Controlling Termites is an Important part of Regular Home Maintenance.

The Biggest threat to most Aussie Homes isn’t Fire, or Flood.
It is Termites.
Often referred to as White Ants.
Termites cause more damage to Australian Homes each year than Fire and Flood combined.
Termites cause over $1 Billion damage* in Australia annually.
(*Source: Archicentre Research)

Ensure that you are protected!

TC’s Pest & Termite Management provides Termite Management & Treatment Services to all types and size properties including: Houses, Townhouses, Units, Retirement Properties and Villages. Residential Properties, Acreage Properties & Commercial Buildings & Properties.

  • Termite Management & Treatments include:
    • Pre-Purchase Timber Pest (Termite) Inspections,
    • Annual Timber Pest (Termite) Inspections,
    • Termite Perimeter Barriers,
    • One off Spot treatment to eradicate Termite nests in Logs/Landscaping & Trees.
    • Post Construction Altis Reticulation Building Perimeter Installation &Treatments,
    • Pre Extension Construction Reticulation Installation &Treatments
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  • Consultations:
    • If you need Termite advice in regards to your plans for a Building Extension or Landscaping the gardens around your home or property?

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Why we Recommend an Altis Reticulation
Termite Management System.
  • Reticulation allows for the treatment to be replaced/recharged with no disruption and no unsightly excavation or drilling.
  • The cost benefit over time is considerable as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill and trench retreatment.
  • Chemical Termite Treatments kill Termites.
  • Physical barriers only impede concealed Termite entry. Termites may still gain access.
  • If Termites are not detected immediately they may gain access to the building and you may suffer loss & hardship.