Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections (Termite) Important Information:
1.      The Purchase of your home is one of your most Costly & Important Assets.
PRIOR TO SIGNING YOUR PURCHASE CONTRACT MAKE SURE THAT: the Contract Does Not Limit Your Rights regarding Termite Issues.
We have been advised that there are some Purchase Contracts &/ Contracts with an added Annexure that have had limitations placed in them which only allow you to void or vary the Contract if Live Termites are present in the Building.
Where a Contract has Limitations on Termite issues that may be discovered during a Pest Inspection such as:
-     Extensive Termite Damage &/
-     No evidence of Termite treatments &/
-     Expired Building Perimeter treatments &/
-     Property/Building Conditions that are Conducive to Termite attack &/
-     Properties that have Live Termites in the grounds/fences,
You may Not be able to Void the Contract or make a reduced offer on the home to cover the Termite Rectification costs.  Do not get caught out, Seek legal advice from your Solicitor prior to signing contract.
2.      Some Building Inspectors advertise that they provide a single combined Building and Pest Inspection (Termite) Report at a CHEAP cost. The Building Inspector is often unlicensed to treat Termite Activity and has little or no day to day experience in what is involved to Identify, Treat Active Termites and resolve Conducive conditions to stop their return.
3.      Termite Management is a specialised field.
4.      We consider it essential that you engage an Independent Specialist Pest Inspectors & an Independent Specialist Building Inspector for your Pre-Purchase Inspection.
5.      BE AWARE: You are not limited to Pest Inspectors specified or recommended by the Selling Real Estate Agent or the Home Owner whom may have Affiliations with them.
The Real Estate Agent &/ Home Owner have one main aim, the Selling of the Property at the best price they can get for it, this is their Interest priority.
6.      WE ARE AN INDEPENDENT TIMBER PEST INSPECTION (TERMITE) SPECIALIST and we are working for you with YOUR INTERESTS AS OUR PRIORITY. We want to make sure you know what you are buying.
7.      Our Inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3-2010.
8.      Our Report can be of benefit to you with price negotiation or contract cancellation if identified issues make the property no longer acceptable to you.
9.      Our Aim is your satisfaction and confidence that you are informed and understand our findings about one of the most important decisions of your life. We help put you in control.
10.      We recommend using an Independent Building Inspector Specialist
11.      For your convenience we can synchronise our Timber Pest Inspection (Termite)  booking times with the Property seller and your appointed Independent Building Inspector so that should you wish to attend the Inspection the results from both the Inspections can be made available to you verbally on site and you can see firsthand any areas of concern.
We regularly synchronise our Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (Termite) Inspection times with Independent Building Inspector, Cas Simeone of Metropolitan Building Services.
12.      Further Important Information is contained on Our Page “Timber Pest Inspections (Termites)”

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